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Elderberry Dream-Botanical  Tea Bath

Elderberry Dream-Botanical Tea Bath

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This Botanical Bath may also be used for spiritual intentions.

Spiritual meaning of herbs/flowers:

Violets : Healing,Protection, Luck, Love, Lust, Wishes, Peace

Roses:-  Healing ,Protection, Love, Divination, Luck,Peace


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  • Directions and Product information

    Available Options for Botanical Bath Teas :

    • Small-Approximately 1 bath per container
    • Medium-Approximately 2 baths per container
    • Large-Approximately 4 baths per container



     Place 1/2 cup of Bath Tea in reusable bath tea bag and place bath tea bag in a bath filled with warm water.

    Let bag steep for a few minutes. Squeeze bag to release essential oils and tea. When bath is complete, rinse bag and discard used bath tea.

    Reusable bag included.



    Epson Salts,Infused with Lemon and Sage Essential Oils, Elderberry Extract,Violets, Calendula, and Rose Petals.

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